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low domestic

Track Listing

  1. The Best Ones Go
  2. Silent Auction
  3. Glass Eye
  4. Sick With the Sound
  5. Fists, Hooves, Claws
  6. Body Parts
  7. Adventure Series
  8. Execution
  9. Buckner
  10. You Only
  11. New Lucky Room

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Vancouver Sun

September 23, 2011

Vancouver lo-fi combo Drawn Ship’s debut is, much like the Downtown Eastside where it was spawned, dark and on-edge. On Low Domestic, Lyn Heinemann and Gregg Steffensen go for a raw, stripped-down indie rock feel, echoing Liz Phair and Julie Doiron’s more intense moments. In essence, Low Domestic is just that: A bittersweet indie rock punch to the gut.

Francois Marchand

Uptown Magazine

September 9, 2011

The debut disc from Vancouver duo Drawn Ship (ex-Portico and Hinterland members) is a break up disc that doesn’t dwell, but rocks pretty hard. The disc definitely works as a perfect piece of music, whether this plays in the background of your breakup or the bittersweet moments of a second date, Low Domestic is a beautiful addition to the collection.


TORO Magazine

September 6, 2011

Low Domestic, the debut from Vancouver duo Drawn Ship, is simple and direct rock music, but it fills the room in a way few minimalist groups can. It also lacks the fury of post-garage duos like White Stripes or The Kills, making its sound — essentially a drum kit, vocals, one guitarist and some overdubs — more subtle and seductive.


Fast Forward Weekly

September 1, 2011

Accessible minimal rock bands can be difficult to find. Although the overarching point of the effort is to make something beautiful and contemplative out of next to nothing, a majority of minimalist bands tend to produce boring, repetitive and esoteric music in which only the most artsy of us can find something to appreciate.

Drawn Ship, a two-piece Vancouver group, have managed to not only defy that norm but blow the whole thing out of the water with their debut album, Low Domestic.


Georgia Straight

August 25, 2011

Balancing a bare-bones setup with indie-prog tendencies, Low Domestic manages to be captivating through both lyrical directness and musical vivacity. Just remember to pack a hankie, because Drawn Ship is about to take you on an emotional trip.


Lithium Magazine

August 10, 2011

They don’t compare to other bands, they are something to themselves. They’re a band that creates beauty out of a dark situation, music that can come off as comforting with a much darker undertone. However way you look at it, they’re a band that is definitely worth listening to.

Samantha Wu

Hero Hill

August 9, 2011

The duo – Hinterland’s percussionist Gregg Steffensen counterpoints Lyn’s guitar and vocals work – strips things back and uses raw, minimal arrangements to carry heavy subject matter. Lyn’s voice and workman-like guitar take center stage, but Gregg’s ability to use intricate drum patterns to add nice texture to the straightforward tones and gives the record a vibe as honest as an child’s tongue. No punches are pulled; Lyn doesn’t glorify or even attempt to justify her decisions and no sound is hidden behind unnecessary layers.

Bryan Acker






No shows booked at the moment.

news: Buy Low Domestic Online

September 6, 2011

Drawn Ship’s debut album Low Domestic is now out. We’re working on setting things up on this site so you can purchase a physical or digital copy directly from us. In the meantime, you can buy from iTunes. Or go to your local record store and get a copy there. That’s nice too.

news: A Little Pre-Release Promo

June 30, 2011

Check it out, Exclaim! is giving us a touch of press already. A sweet and tender touch.  Mmmm. Thanks Exclaim!

And also thanks to the uncommonly gentle folks from Mother Mother who included a Drawn Ship track on their recent tour log post. How about that!?

news: Keeping it in the Family

June 15, 2011

Hey everyone, welcome to our new site! Designed by reassemble; it truly is a landmark for us and makes Drawn Ship so much more official. We are here to stay, and to reinforce that we will release our first record on September 6th 2011 titled “Low Domestic”.

The release also celebrates our signing with Scratch Records who have put out some of our favs like Black Mountain, Frog Eyes, Destroyer, and Snailhouse. The album will be distributed through Outside Music and online through IODA.

We will be backing this whole endeavor with a tour of the west immediately following the release, and then returning to Vancouver for a hometown gig. Dates will be posted as they come up so keep checking in. We are also pleased to be working with Take Aim Media (Of Montreal, Amon Tobin, Animal Collective, Arcade Fire, Slayer…) for the promotion of the album and tour.

One of our goals was to keep everything local, we are happy that we were able to pull it off. This took a little longer than expected but things are family oriented now. Big love to all our friends who made this happen!

More immediately, Come and see us at The Biltmore on July 13th, along with The Abramson Singers to support Les Jupes from Winnipeg. Also check out the blurb with Lyn in the June 16th 2011 edition of the Georgia Straight.



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About the Band


Drawn Ship is a two-person rock band from the back of the classroom. These East Vancouverites play loud, stripped-down, thick guitar and drums with unpredictable arrangements and gorgeous melodies. At the top of 2010 Lyn Heinemann (Portico) took her supply of unused songs and asked her friend Gregg Steffensen (Hinterland) to start a band. He agreed, on two conditions: First, that they keep it a minimal rock outfit, using as little instrumentation as possible to make the songs work, and second, that they write and record their first album as quickly as possible. Nine months later, after recording at Vancouver’s Mushroom and District Four Studios, the master was being driven home from Seattle in a blizzard. Friends Hannah Georgas and Mother Mother’s Ryan Guldemond added supporting vocals, and Richard Buckner unwittingly helped out by lending a song to cover. The result is 11 tracks that hold true to the original less-is-more artistic idea of Drawn Ship.

About the Album


Low Domestic is about death: The death of marriages, of affairs, of friendships, of ideals, and of people. The songwriting for Low Domestic started when Heinemann, miserable and wallowing after a breakup, decided to make an album exclusively of break-up songs. Six songs in, her minor obsession with Louis Riel steered her to write “Execution” which details the killing of Thomas Scott at Riel’s orders (for which M. Riel was later hanged). From there the break-up theme fell apart: “Adventure Series” chronicles the death of a young WWII pilot, and “the Best Ones Go” and “Glass Eye” are stories of childhood sexual abuse, addiction, and death that Heinemann wrote following the loss of two teenaged clients in her work as an addictions counsellor in the Downtown Eastside.